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New Project in the works...

Big Body Compilation Release date TBA 


Red Pill or Blue Pill ? Take your pick...

Big Body Records intends to release its newest project the summer of 2018. Including members of the Big Body Family: Fats, Neans, Rell, Big Homie, Mike Mike, Greedyman and Big O. Check out the Ball So Hard performance under the videos section to experience some of the music that you can expect to be on the newest Release.


The Medicine

Released: 12/19/2011

Sick of the music that you hear lately? Make sure you download The Medicine. Just click the picture of the album cover and you can download your cure for FREE! Featuring the Big Body Family, The Medicine (Strictly Street Vol.2) For the survivors and solidiers living life 4 real. No kiddie music

They Made Me Do It

Released: 10/05/2011


Big Body Fats Carries the Torch!

While focusing on building the discography of the new members of the Big Body Family, we had to bring it to you live from the gutta! Just click on the album cover and get a FREE Download! "Life in Art Form" (Big Body Fats) 


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